1. To send an SMS using your email account format the receiving mobile number into an email address using the following format:


Multiple email addresses in the to: field will display as separate messages in your activity, if you would like them to appear as a campaign set multiple recipients in the CC field instead.

2. You must ensure that the from address is set to an authorised email address that has been added to the email sms section of your account.

3. If you want to receive replies back to your email leave the subject blank.

The recipient will receive the message from our system response number or the dedicated number you have selected in Email SMS settings, this can be overridden by adding a name or mobile number in international format to the subject line of the email. No spaces, 11 chars max. You will not receive replies to the email if overriding the sender ID.

4. The body of the email will contain your complete conversation as you communicate. If you set conversation history to off in email sms settings, emails will be sent as individual threaded emails instead.