To send an SMS from your email account, the address must be authorised on your account.

1. Click on your EMAIL SMS section and then click on the NEW EMAIL button

2. Enter your email address and select your NUMBER FORMAT

NUMBER FORMAT: Dictates whether your account can use local numbers only or send internationally as well.

3. Emails can be long and you don't want to end up sending a lot of superfluous information, therefore you can set a MESSAGE LIMIT on the number of characters that can be sent.

EMAIL SIGNATURES: These are trimmed automatically if they are standardised. Also if there are more than three line breaks, the information is trimmed there as well.

4. If you want your number to always be the same you can use your own dedicated virtual mobile number (limited to certain countries), or you can set the virtual mobile number to use one of our free shared numbers.

5. You can set your email to receive all DELIVERY NOTIFICATIONS or you can set it to receive failed messages only.

6. You can set your CONVERSATION HISTORY to display the message threads by selecting YES or you can select NO so that nothing but the reply itself appears in the email.

7. You can set whether to display the recipients name or number for DISPLAY FROM NAME field

Example: Displaying recipients by name:

Example: Displaying recipient by number:

8. You can set whether you would like the EMAIL SUBJECT or EMAIL BODY to be the MESSAGE CONTENT

Note: Some email clients have a maximum subject size, below the 4 SMS character limit. E.g. Office 365 has a 255 character limit.

9. Click on the ACTIVATE button