Keywords allow people to text something to dedicated Virtual mobile Number (VMN) or shortcode, depending on your country, so that you can collect numbers and send automated replies.

Example: In a print ad you might have - To enter our competition SMS ENTER and your name to 0123 456 789. The message will be received and handled by our system.

1. In the KEYWORDS section click on NEW KEYWORD.

2. Enter your chosen keyword in the KEYWORD field.

3. Enter your reference information in Ref field.

NB: The following keywords cannot be used as they are carrier reserved keywords: UNSUB, UNSUBSCRIBE, STOP, HELP, END, MORE, CONTINUE, ADD, OPT OUT, OPTOUT, OPT-OUT, CANCEL, QUIT.

4. Enable the action you would like your keyword to trigger by placing a YES next to the following options:

Forward to Email:

Enter the email address you would like to forward the SMS replies to. You can enter multiple email addresses separated with commas.

Forward to Mobile:

Enter the mobile number you would like to receive SMS replies to. You can enter multiple mobile numbers separated with commas.

Forward to URL:

This option is used by website developers. Enter the full URL of your application that will handle the response.

Processing responses with your own application is simple as providing a URL for us to send them to. For more information on response callback URL's please review our API documentation.

Add Number to List:

When you enable the ‘Add Number to List’ option, you will need to either select an existing contact list or select the option to 'Create New List' and then enter the name of your new contact list.


Send an AUTO REPLY when somebody texts in. This is simply a message that goes back, usually containing a coupon or thank you message.

LIMIT AUTO RESPONSES by adding a message to the second window. This will send a different message the second time somebody texts in.

5. Click on ACTIVATE