Click on the ACTIVITY button on the top left side, then click on the REPORT link for the campaign or message you wish to see the status of.

On the report you will see tabs with different states for your send messages.


Your message has been successfully delivered to the recipient's handset.


A pending message is one that we have received no confirmation from the carrier delivered or undelivered. These confirmations are known as delivery receipts.

If a message still has a pending status after an hour, the most common reason for pending messages are:

  • Phone out of credit and cannot receive SMS.
  • Phone number active but phone switched off or out of range.
  • Active pre-paid account but SIM not in the phone.
  • Network problems.

When a message is in pending status, several carrier dependent retry strategies come into operation.

If there is no response by the end of the retry period the message will become expired and will be marked as soft bounced.


Indicates the mobile handset has not received the messages.

Soft Bounce

The most common reasons are:

  • SIM card is not in the phone
  • Out of network range for more than 72 hours
  • Have not paid phone bill
  • Travelling overseas (connected to another network)

Hard Bounce

Indicates the number is invalid or disconnected. You can safely delete the number from your list.


These are recipients that have sent replies to your message (NB: In certain circumstances, recipients can not reply, e.g Custom Sender ID. Or replies may not come back to your account, e.g Using your mobile number as the Sender ID). If you used a dedicated number and/or a specific keyword campaign, please visit the Keywords section of the site to view your replies.


These recipients have opted out of receiving further communication, and have been automatically removed from your contact list.


These are recipients that have clicked on your link in your message (if using our Track Link function).