When enabled, the GOO list will receive all opt-outs to the account. This will then enforce a full suppression on that number for any list. Once on the GOO list, that number cannot be sent a message from your account.


Disabling will not remove numbers from the list. The only way to take somebody off the list and opt them in again is by a forced re-addition, one number at a time using the Add Contact link on the list page.

When the Global Opt-Out List is disabled, numbers will not be added to it. They will be opted out of the list they received the message from only.

If you wish to migrate an existing suppression list from another system, you can simply upload the contacts to our GOO list as you would any other.


Uploading to the GOO list will scan your existing lists and opt-out any number on your uploaded list as well. This is a great way to scrub your lists against the DNC register or any other list you might be concerned about.