1. Prepare your CSV file by exporting it from your application. Click the UPLOAD link.

2. Click CHOOSE FILE button to find your file and locate your CSV file.

3. SELECT A COUNTRY: By default, your destination county will be selected, uploading with this set will filter all the numbers and format them correctly.

If you are sending to multiple countries in one send, you must make sure that you select Multiple Countries, then ensure your numbers are all internationally formatted correctly with the country code. (eg. 61439456789, 447891234567)

NB: You also have the option to copy and paste contacts into the provided text box.

4. Place a tick next to "I have permission to message these contacts"

5. Click on UPLOAD.

6. Preview your numbers, MAP and NAME fields, if you are happy click IMPORT.

7. After upload you can view a report of what was imported and EXPORT as a file.

If a number already exists in the contact list, or is repeated in the file, it will be ignored and marked as a Duplicate. Similarly if a number has previously been opted out, it will also be ignored and marked as Opt-Out.

Lastly, if a number is in an incorrect format that can’t be automatically recovered (such as an email address or incorrect number length), these will be skipped.


If a file takes more than a few minutes to upload there may be an issue with the data. Try the following to rectify:

  1. Remove all data columns you do not require.
  2. Remove any formatting in the document before exporting.
  3. Do not have number column next to another number column (eg. mobile, landline, membership number).